Fly like a Pro: The Best Time to Book Flight Tickets

Much has been said about the best time to travel; perfect time to go out on vacations and when to book tickets. There is enough information about the same on the web and various websites that talk about the difference this perfect timing would make. But is there really a magic window that’ll let you strike at the right moment? There is only one way to find out.

Many apps and travel planning websites cater get the job for you. Whether it is about flight ticket rates, flight ticket bookings, checking flight status or itinerary and travel planners, resources like Momondo and Trip38 are at your service. The latter is a free travel management app that can be downloaded to an Android or iOS device, with features designed to make travelling a breeze.

Flight Tickets
The best time to travel, of course, varies from country to country. Peak season – during holidays and festivals – comes with its pros and cons. This is when hotel and flight ticket rates upsurge, which calls for preparation, preparation and preparation.

According to travel experts and contrary to popular belief, booking way too early could mean you might lose out on deals and discounts that an airline might put up later. Trying to change the ticket can only incur more costs. So in this case, yes, the early bird catches the worm but only to lose out on a cheaper worm.

Booking a ticket too late, and by that we mean booking it too close to the departure date, can mean exorbitant prices that some say, and rightfully, is highway robbery.
Being flexible about your dates can open up the opportunity to find the right flight at the right price. According to one research by Skyscanner, Indian travellers should book their tickets at least 18 weeks in advance to score the best price. February is the best time to travel if you are looking to save big bucks while December and August are a great time to travel if you are cool about splurging on tickets and hotels because that is when the prices become way too uneconomical. American travellers, on the other hand, have to book international tickets, at least, one to five months in advance.

Data also shows that the cheapest days to book tickets are Tuesday, Wednesday and Saturdays. The most expensive days for flight ticket bookings are Sunday and Friday. Tickets for overnight or early morning flights are also cheaper.
Armed with this data and a little flexibility with your dates and time, you could get cheaper flight ticket rates, and plan your travel like a pro!

So, where are you travelling next? Let us know in the comments below.


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