Top 5 Places to Eat at the Dubai Airport

Dubai International Airport is enormous in size and if you are a first-timer, it can be a little difficult to navigate your way through the airport without help. Wanting to make it on time and reach a particular place without too much confusion is what most travellers are worried about and in the turbulence people tend to grab a bite at the first/last restaurant/café they see. Most times, it’s not a you meal want or like and who ever liked airport food, anyway?

But not anymore, Dubai has some exceptional joints dishing out delicious food right at the airport and we’ve listed the top 5 places to eat at.

Here’s a shout out to the thousands of travellers who travel from, have a stop-over at and travel via this airport, go, grab a bite!

Terminal 1

  • Seafood Bar – Caviar House

Location: Departure D Gates

Seafood Bar

A quick stopover for some Champagne and Caviar harmed no one and if you wish to make the most of it at the Dubai airport this place should be your only choice. As the name suggests, the restaurant specializes in seafood and you will have a variety of options to choose from; from caviar, lobsters, oysters, king prawns, calamari to squid they have it all. Their food and wine pairing suggestions are to die for and you might want to also try their sushi.

Our Recommendations: Shrimp Cocktail and Caviar and Champagne

  • Paul Bakery & Restaurant

Location: Departure C Gates

An absolute delight for sweet lovers, this French bakery and restaurant is known for their heavenly patisseries and savory delights. They serve authentic French cuisine and dish out some blissful French Viennoiseries and Patisseries. Quick service, polite staff and a cosy ambience make Paul Bakery & Restaurant a must visit at the Dubai International airport.

Our Recommendations: Crepe Omelette, Poulet Pesto, Salmon Crab Salad, Pave de saumon grille and Hot Chocolate

Terminal 3

  • Ocean Basket

Location: Departure B Gates

Oceans Basket

The always-occupied tables at this restaurant speak for its popularity among its customers. A great stop for seafood lovers, this place serves excellent prawns, crabs and tuna among other things. Their friendly staff is more than willing to help you order and/or chitchat with you to make the whole experience of dining here enjoyable. Their variety of ingredients as well as the exceptional taste makes people coming back for more.

Our Recommendations: Portuguese Sardine with chili and onions, Grilled Salmon, Butter Garlic Prawns

  • Delizie

Location: Check in

Specializing in premium hospitality, this place serves authentic Italian food and coffee. Sit back and relax in a lovely lounge equipped with iPad station and plasma TVs as you try their mouth watering sandwiches, fresh salads and season fruit juices.

Our Recommendations: Penne all’ Arrabbiata and Milano Sandwich

  • Cho Gao

Location: Departure B Gates


Asian Chefs at Cho Gao at to your rescue in times of Asian food cravings at the Dubai airport. Japanese, Thai, Indonesian, Vietnamese and Chinese cuisines are served at this place and everything on their menu is to die for. If you are looking to experiment and try new dishes, the staff is not only aware of what they serve but are kind enough to help you order your food.

Our Recommendations: Prawn Dimsums, Bakmi Goreng, Wasabi Prawns and Pho Bo

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