Top 6 Things to Never Do in a Hotel

Whoever thought of building a hotel first was and to this date remains the god’s sent angle for travellers all over the world. While travelling, hotels rooms become our home away from home and the few days we are present in a particular city. It’s only right, that we treat the place and it’s staff with respect.

While we aren’t saying you are Charlie Sheen – who’d throw furniture on the walls and demolish a chandelier in a drunken state, there is a possibility that you aren’t on your best behaviour, which most likely will affect your stay in some way or the other. To give you a little more clarity on what we are saying, read this list of absolute don’ts in a hotel.

1. DON’T Threaten to give the Hotel a Bad Review

bad revies

Innumerable travel websites and apps have the option where you can publicly leave a review for your hotel. If you are planning to use the ‘I’m a regular reviewer on Tripadvisor’ line on the hotel staff, we aren’t supporting you. You may say the same to get an upgrade, or for special attention from the staff, but remember it isn’t going to work too well with them. The hotel staff is likely to take it as a threat and  you will not be able to build a strong relationship with them.

2. DON’T even think about the Mini Bar

mini bar

Gone are the good old days when you could just pick up things from the mini bar, examine it and keep it right back. In order to avoid mini bar theft (when people would just make a whole in the coke bottle from the bottom, drain the soda in the glass and keep the bottle back in its place) many hotel chains have a sensor attached to each item. The moment you touch an item, you would end up with an automatic charge to your room bill.

3. DON’T be Impolite to the Staff

hotel staff

These people are the ones that make your bed, get you food, clean your washrooms and pick up your mess. Yelling at them and being impolite is a big NO. You might also want to do things like putting the trash in the trash can, flushing the toilet and picking up socks, shirts etc. from the floor.

4. DON’T let your Valuables Lying Around

hotel theft

Though it’s the most obvious don’t, many people leave their laptops on the table/bed, rings near the basin and earrings/chains on the side table near the bed. They are valuables for a reason – value them. Don’t just leave them lying around for you to misplace it or worse for people to steal it.

5. DO NOT not Tip

not tipping

There have been various arguments whether you should tip the hotel staff or not, after all, it’s just their job. We recommend that you tip the hotel staff, because if someone is making your bed and cleaning the loo, you should show some kind of gratitude and tip them for it.

6. DON’T Take Anything that is Not Free


People generally take stuff from the hotel. Soaps, shampoos, and other toiletries are fine; hotels can even make peace with missing pens, notepads, and brochures, but, please don’t pick up anything else. Many hotel chains have now started tagging their expensive items and know when you have stolen from them. If they haven’t tagged their items, they have your card details (the one you used to pay the hotel bill with). So keep your hand off those curtains, cushions, bed linens, ashtrays and coat hangers.

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